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Flower Vase Table Lamp Cordless Vase Lamp

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Flower Vase Table Lamp Cordless Vase Lamp

This high-quality table lamp is made from carefully selected materials and specially designed for professionals. An eco-friendly glass lamp suitable for both classic and modern design rooms, as well as for traditional to luxury restaurants, hotels, resorts, dining rooms, bars, casinos, nightclubs, weddings, catered events, pubs, cocktail parties, boats, spas, hammams, and performance halls. There is no learning curve, and these lamps are easy to use for staff, waiters, managers, and butlers.

For Indoors & Outdoors

Our cordless table lamp is engineered to be water resistant (IP65 rated) and protected against water splashing. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It will fit perfectly in your windy spaces, like a patio, balcony, terrace, garden, yard, or coffee shop table. It can also be used in humid spaces like a swimming pool deck or spa.

restaurant vase lamp
illuminated vase table lamps
  • Wireless Rechargeable Table Lamp powered by a built-in rechargeable battery
  • Rechargeable: Qi Wireless Charging / Induction Charging 
  • Material: Glass
  • Dimensions: 3.2 x 4.7 in. (8 x 12 cm)
  • Optional remote control to control multiple lamps from up to 15 ft (5 m) away
  • 16 Color options + White
  • 3-Levels brightness
  • 4 optional light modes, including static or transitional effects
  • Indoor and outdoor protection against water splashing from any angle (Waterproof IP65)
  • Rechargeable lithium battery: 1000mAh
  • Working time: 8 to 12 hours
  • Charging time: 3 to 6 hours
  • Ultra low safe voltage: 5V
  • LED Life: 50,000 hours
  • Low energy consumption
  • Certification and approval: CE, RoHs

Some Of Our Customers

The Ritz Carlton
Kyriad Hotel
Divi Resorts
Blue Water Resort
flower vase lamp

Qi Wireless Charging

Our Qi induction wireless charging system makes charging your battery-operated table lamps super easy and safe. No need to plug in any cables! Simply place the lamps on the charging pad and the charging process will begin right away. After they are fully charged, you’ll be able to enjoy the light for many hours.
Red indicator when charging and green indicator when fully charged.

16 Colors + White

The psychology of color shouldn’t be underestimated. Light color plays in interior decorating and design to create an atmosphere within a room.

Our wireless LED table lamps can bring out different colors, and not only the classic warm white (2700K/4000K), but also an additional range of beautiful light colors.

cordless vase lamp
remote control wireless lamp

Wireless remote control

Using the remote control, you can change the color of one or multiple cordless lights simultaneously and in the blink of an eye. Choose a color according to your interior design or let it change color automatically through a programmed set of colors. You can also control the light intensity (more or less bright), transition effects, strobe effects, and flashing or flash effects.

Here are some benefits of cordless rechargeable LED lamps:

  • Superb, chic, and elegant atmosphere provided night and day
  • Amaze your customers with a unique lighting solution
  • No wires and no need for electrical outlets
  • Change color in seconds and choose from a range of colors
  • Very easy to use for your staff
  • Remote control to control one or more lamps together
  • Individual or multiple charging stations
  • Fast charging for long working duration
  • Battery operated portable lights and built-in rechargeable battery
  • Move your lamps wherever you want
  • No risk of fire
  • No wax cleaning and no smoke
  • No more expensive candle purchases
  • Long life LED
  • Designed for professional, intensive daily use
  • Low energy consumption
  • Reusable, ecological, and environmentally friendly
restaurant vase lamp

Qi Wireless Charging Station

Simply place a lamp on its charging base to start charging the battery through Qi induction technology. No need to worry about cables or plug-ins! We offer different types of charging stations for your battery operated wireless table lights: single lamp, 8-lamp or 24-lamp charging stations as below.

Single Qi Wireless Charger 8-Lamps Qi Wireless
Charging Station
24-Lamps Qi Wireless
Charging Station
single wireless induction charger induction qi charger table lamp 24 wireless charger table lamp
Quantity of lamp 1 lamp from 1 to 8 lamps simultaneously from 1 to 24 lamps simultaneously
Benefit Charge one lamp at a time.
Great if you have 1 or 2 lamps.
Allows you to charge up to 8 lamps at once.
Great if you have less than 20 lamps.
Allows you to charge up to 24 lamps at once.
Avoids managing a large number of single chargers.

When charging, a red indicator will turn on within the lamp. Once a lamp is fully charged, the indicator will turn green.

hotel vase lamp

Our Qi rechargeable cordless table lamps allow you to attract more customers by differentiating yourself from your competitors, both day and night. The luminous atmosphere of your space is a key trigger that will make people walk through the door of your establishment, feel good, and order more from your business.

  • Energy savings and financial savings: thanks to the use of LED technology, we guarantee that you will save 5 times more than regular plugged lamps.
  • All of our high-quality, professional lamps are checked at the factory before each shipment by a product quality check.
  • Purchase from NegoLuz: Negoluz is the #1 cordless lamp supplier and rechargeable lights manufacturer, offering a large choice of professional-grade table lamps.
  • Recyclable: these wireless and chargeable lamps have been designed to minimize their impact on the environment and allow recycling of most components.


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