How To Print On Your Backlit Paper Pro

The NegoLuz Backlit Paper Pro is dedicated to backlit displays

Make the most of your LED backlit displays with our high-quality backlit paper for professionals, specifically designed for use with any inkjet or laser/copier printers! NegoLuz backlit paper is the product to use in your poster holders, illuminated menu holders, or any other LED display using backlighting.

NegoLuz strongly recommends against the use of any other type of paper than this one. Printing on a regular paper sheet will make your images 40% less bright than printing on our dedicated backlit paper. You will get a low quality and unprofessional rendering, low brightness, and the appearance of paper fibers or stains on your prints. Now that you have invested in high quality LED displays, go for a high-quality backlit paper!

2 in 1 backlight paper: Laser and Inkjet printers – Exclusive Product.

  • LASER Printer: Print on the MATTE side

  • INKJET Printer: Print on the GLOSSY side

For some printers, it is sometimes better to print one sheet at a time to avoid a printer jam. As well, printing one sheet at a time prevents printed sheets from sticking to each other.

Our backlit paper is available in two formats:

  • A4 / 8.5 x 11 format
  • A3 / 11 x 17 format

Make sure that your prints are COMPLETELY DRY before inserting them into your LED display to keep the ink from smudging. This paper is compatible with any laser and inkjet printer: Canon, LG, Dell, Minolta, HP, Epson, Sony, Samsung, Kodak, Panasonic, Brothers, Xerox, Ricoh, Lexmark, and IBM.

For double-sided displays, you have the option to insert a printed sheet in the back side as well. If you’ve noticed a “ghosting” or “honeycomb cell” effect when there are images on both sides on the display, you can minimize it by inserting a blank backlit sheet between the printed sheet and the display.

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  • Translucent paper producing a brilliantly smooth appearance
  • Thickness: 150 microns
  • Photos and prints look brighter and bolder, creating stunning displays
  • Our backlit paper is designed for use with most desktop and inkjet printers
  • Save money – no need to outsource your printing
  • Store your paper away from all sources of humidity and heat

For Backlit Window Displays

Paper backlit window display

For Backlit Menu Holders

Paper backlit menu restaurant

How to insert your prints in your window displays.

window poster holder

Sell more by attracting customers with bright, captivating photos and prints on our professional backlit paper! This is a printing support allowing perfect light diffusion. It is dedicated for use in your poster holders, illuminated menu holders, and any other LED display that uses backlighting.

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